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There are several ways you can get in-world help in the Isle of Wyrms.

Help Forum

Get Help Now Sign

The Isle of Wyrms Help Forum is is the official forum for Isle of Wyrms help and is for the community to help the community. Group Instant Messages can be used to make Help requests for Isle of Wyrms products.

Anyone may answer questions, as long as they know the answer.

If you have a technical question about dragon modding or maybe you are having problems on other dragon or isle issues then this is the place to post it.

This isn't the place to have a general conversation, start an argument or to ask questions about non-Isle items. If you have a problem with Second Life, always use the F1 Help.

Click the "Need Help Now" sign and the "Instructions" button on the blue pop-up menu for details on how to join the Help Forum. The Help Forum is free to join and has got open membership.

Guides, Mentors and Guardians Scanner


If the help forum can't solve your question, or you need more direct support. In the Cathedral and the Sandbox are two signs which allow you to determine who is online from the Volunteer staff.

Click the sign and it will scan for online status and inform you (both via text) and by an IM message of who is online. If you need assistance you may then IM one of those that are online for further help.

Since the sign does not allow the volunteers to easily set their status as temporarily off-duty, please look for volunteer staff on the Isle before clicking and please respect those that are off-duty.