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What's New

Isle of Wyrms Revamped!

Sims layout at Jan 2011

Tir na Lir, Tir Infernis, Tir Niva, Tir Zephyrus, Eldamar and Imaldris are gone. Suilven arrived together with Archaea which has been transformed from Eragon.

Some ownerships changed:

  • Cathedral, Limbo, Hedgetopia, Lyre, Tir na Nog - Daryth Kennedy
  • Hatchie Haven - Aradia Aridian, Apollo Aridian
  • Lethe - Atea Aeon,
  • Suilven - Helena Lycia,
  • Archaea - Talarus Luan

New Saddles Still Here!

There are still new saddles in Cathedral. These saddles fix a number of Havok4 bugs including landing and flying(!). The saddles also have run and aerobatics functions (accessed by pressing "Always Run" in walk and fly modes).

The saddles come in one standard type to fit most species with specialty saddles for Spirit and Fae Dragons, and two sizes for dragons and wyrmlings. Wyvern/Wyverling owners should continue to use their existing saddles.

The newest saddles can be found in the Cathedral, next to the hud dispenser and "Get Help" sign.

Fishing Locations pop up all around the Isles

Fishing locations have popped up at many locations all around the Isles, in areas of tranquil beauty and tucked away in quiet coves. Not all of the fishing locations have been activated, but expect updates to the fishing page when they do.

To join in the fishing fun you can grab a fishing rod and bait from vendors at Limbo and Eragon.

Keep an eye out for a fishing competition coming soon...

The Worlds' End Inn

Located on the edge of the Isle of Wyrms, it is a meeting and resting place for travellers or those who have perhaps taken the wrong turn. Perhaps even for those who seek refuge from storms in their own realms.

All are welcome who come in peace and perhaps wish to share a story or two with their fellow travellers.

A great place to share a dance, tickle your ear drums with music of all types. Offering live DJ sets.

RP is encouraged (non-weapon related) sharing RP with many from far off places, even realms of the unknown. Your imagination is the key.

Based on but not limited to Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" series

If you'd like to keep up with events and happenings please join The Worlds End Inn group.

The current Event Schedule is here.

Come and visit us in-world at The World's End Inn


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