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Saturday, March 1st, 2008

  • 12:30-2 PM SLT: Hedgie Dance at Hatchie Haven

As a special treat, and in keeping with the Theme of the Spring Hedgie Festival, the Herald is sponsoring a Hedgehog Costume Contest.


1. Must be worn on a Daryth Kennedy Hedgehog Avatar {remember, all proceeds from the Hedgehog sales goes to the animal hospital in Real Life}

2. Costume must follow the rules of the sim. No working weapons, no adult themes, and so on.

3. Costumes may be made, purchased, or scrounged from dumpsters. This is a fun costume creative contest, not a building contest.

4. The judging will be done by the means of photos of the avatar in their costume. This means that you must either, supply a good quality photo of the costume with you in it, OR, you may request a photo be taken by the Herald staff to be submitted to the contest. A photo studio has been set up in the Guild Hall in Tir na Lir for you to use and for the Staff to use for this contest.

Citizen Voting and Judging will be combined to choose the winners.

5. NO CHEATING!! ^.^ You may be asked to wear your costume for a staff member to verify that the photo is genuine. We would also like to see you in your costumes at the dance, where there will be door prizes chances for participants but only if in costume.

The Dance, which will be at the Hatchie Haven Clubhouse, is for everyone, but hedgies and hatchies are recommended due to the size of the venue. Larger avatars will have to dance in the street or the parking lot.

PHOTO entries must be in my hands by no later then Feb 28th. You can IM to get your photo taken if you prefer, or drop a notecard to Skylarian Isachenko.

contact: Skylarian Isachenko

Golden Quill Poetry Competition

Eligibility: Any IoW Citizen Group Member

Requirements: Submit a poem with a theme of hedgehogs and/or dragons We will accept poems in any of the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese The poem must be PG. Offensive language or content will be disqualified.


  • Haiku; Limerick; Short Poem; Long Poem
  • Either Free Verse or Rhyming

Photos to accompany poems are welcome but not required

Judging Criteria:

  • Theme
  • Creativity
  • Poetic Skill
  • Appropriateness for IOW publications

Each criterion will be judged on a 10 point scale


  • The golden quill trophy for first prize
  • Top 3 poems will be published in the IoW Herald
  • Each participant will receive a golden quill medal showing their participation
  • Top poems will get placed in the IoW Poetry Book!


  • Poems Due by: March 1st 2008
  • Winners Announced on: March 2nd 2008

So How Do I Enter? Simply write your poem in a notecard and place it into any of the poetry competition boxes around the IoW, or give it directly to Jorden Allen or Ragitake Takakura. The notecard needs to be titled as follows: ["Your Name". Poetry Competition. "Category."]

If you have questions: Contact Jorden Allen