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Hedgehogs take over the Isles ^.^

The Isle of Wyrms Avatars is the SL group used by owners of a hedgehog avatar.

For avatar creations not associated with Dragons by Daryth are placed in this category. As of now Hedgehogs are the only known non dragon avatars to be made for this role class. The Group is the beginning of what is known as the Chimera Project multiple avatars of non dragon descent. It is in the hopes of the future that many others will be welcome into the Group with open loving arms


Joining the Group

After purchasing your first Hedgehog, please see the Scanners at Cathedral ( or Limbo ( for a Guide, Mentor, Ambassador or Guardian who will help you with your invitation to the Isle of Wyrms Avatars group.

You can find the scanners at Cathedral to the left of the dragon eggs or at Limbo in the centre of the Sandbox at the info-point. Click it to see who of the Guides, Mentors, Ambassadors or Guardians are online and send an IM. They will be happy to help you.

Administrative Titles

Awarded to the administrative staff of the Isles.


Automatic Titles

Awarded to everyone with the appropriate type of avatar.


Automatically granted for owners of a Hedgehog avatar.