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The Dragon I want is sold out?! What do I do?

Don't panic :) While the Dragon population is limited, it hasn't been cut off completely. On the Isle of Wyrms, Dragon hatching season begins three days before every Solstice and Equinox event. 15 of each species are released during the events. If a Solstice or Equinox doesn't occur again for a few months, remember: good things come to those who wait :) Your welcome to choose a hatchling or wyrmling form until a large-sized Dragon is available.

What about Wyverns?

Wyverns too are limited editions. Usually between 2 or 4 new species of Wyverns are discovered (released) every year. There is no fixed schedule for their discovery though so it is kind of random. Don't worry though, if you own a dragon you can get an adult Wyvern at any time. More on this in the next section.

I heard the dragons and wyverns were limited, but you also just announced a new 'release', what does this mean?

When I first decided to limit the dragons, my intent was simple: I wanted to maintain the grandeur and status of -being- a Dragon. A giant Dragon isn't something you should see around every street corner: A Dragon is a mysterious mythical creature, and should be respected as such. So I limited the number of dragons sold. This was a specific choice I made as the artist. Certainly the SL toolset lets me replicate any model I make en-mass, I simply chose not to.

However, my initial intent of limiting the dragons wasn't as easy as I thought: the avatars turned out quite well and have become quite popular, even revered. Certainly I wanted to keep our population small, but how could I refuse the multitude of requests I received for dragons? The expanding SL population brought more and more people seeking Dragon form, but without new egg's the Dragon species would surely just fade away.

So, after careful consideration, I've decided that the dragon population should remain limited, but not indefinitely. The seats available on the Council of Wyrms will be what limits the Dragon population.

When can I get an adult Dragon or Wyvern?

Four times a year, on the two Solstices and Equinoxes, a new clutch of large Dragon eggs will be released. These eggs will be available to the players outside the Council who desire to become Dragons themselves. Their resolve will be tested by time, as most will have to wait several months for the next clutch of eggs. Their contribution to the Council as they purchase a dragon helps maintain the Isle of Wyrms monthly costs and support events, and keeps the Dragon population on the Isle active and growing.

Wyverns have their own special release schedule. As new species are created the old ones are re-released at the same time. In this way wyverns are special and a little harder to come by as a first adult av purchase.

When you become a Dragon or Wyvern you are given a seat on the Council of Wyrms, and as a member you can purchase other dragon species as well as wyverns. Thus, once you own one dragon you're welcome to collect other species, without depriving a human from also becoming a dragon of that species.

What about Special Edition avatars? How are they different?

Special edition avatars differ from the limited edition avatars in that they each have their own rules. For example: Tiamat is not subject to re-release like the dragons and wyvern avatars. The only way to get a Tiamat is to already own a dragon avatar. In other words you have to already be on the Council of Wyrms in order to get a Tiamat. The reason for this is that the avatar is a unique and special creation and has elements from at least five different dragon species.

Other Special Editions may be created in the future and they too may have similar if not the same rules. Some rare gift items like the baby hedgehogs are only given out during special events.

How many do you release per species?

When a new Dragon species is released, there are 40 eggs available. These eggs represent new seats on the Council of Wyrms, for those who do not own a dragon form yet. Four times per year a new clutch of Dragon Eggs is released, with 15 eggs of each species.

When a new Wyvern species is released, there are 40 eggs available. At this time 15 eggs of each previously released species will become available as well. New wyvern species aren’t as common as dragons and no more than 4 new species will hatch in a year.

What is the significance of the Spring Equinox and Summer Solstice? Why release eggs then?

I picked these dates mainly because of their mystical importance, so they seemed like good times for Dragon hatching seasons :) If you're not sure when the next clutch of eggs arrives, just check your calendar. Solstices occur in June and December, and Equinoxes in March and September. Dragon eggs will be typically drawn out for release Noon SL time on the day of the solstice or equinox. Check with the Island Guides and Staff for more info. There is an early signup period and a second live-event signup.

Okay, so the dragons are limited, but I also get a discount on them ?

After you've purchased your first large-sized Dragon and joined the Council of Wyrms, you receive a $1000L discount on other Dragon or Wyrmling species when you buy them. Thus, dragons are 2500L and wyrmlings are 1200L. (The eggs will automatically apply your discount if you pay them these amounts, not the listed ones. Make sure your Council group is active so the egg can recognize you.) This lets you get other dragons, to mix and modify as you need to create the look you want.

I heard there was a weird sort of lottery involved in getting an egg?

Well, sort of. In the past we used the time old tradition of first come first get. Over time though as the release events drew crowds and became larger and larger this became unworkable. Vast crowds would try to pay the egg vendors all at once making the sim crash and resulting in lost money and eggs! We did not think this was fair to our patrons and felt that it was increasingly unworkable and unprofessional.

We moved to a new system in January of 2007 with the release of the first Wyvern species, consisting method of signup and random selection of names.

The term "Lottery" is misleading. Dragon and Wyvern eggs are NOT won by gambling. This is a random drawing and does not cost money to join or participate. Your only investment is time and patience. You will still need the $3500L to get a hatching hud, but your money is returned immediately. More information on this in the next section. The drawing is completely fair and is performed via a random selection program and utilizes a off site database. It is essentially "crash proof" and is not subject to Second Life's idiosyncrasies.

How do the releases and re-releases work?

The new system is a random drawing consisting of two segments. The first early signup period begins three days before the live drawing event. Patrons need only purchase a special hud (the hud is free, your money is returned to you) and register for the dragon you wish to try for. The same hud works for both segments and can be used to sign up for both. You will need $3500L to obtain the hud, however your money is returned to you as the hud is sent to your inventory. This is to ensure that the people signing up for a dragon can actually afford one.

The first segment is an early special off-line drawing available only to owners of Hatchlings, Wyverns, and to those who have sought out and become a part of our community by joining the Isle of Wyrms Citizens group. During this time enrolment is closed to newcomers to the island. This is to give an advantage to those who have been waiting patiently for a release to occur and to reward their patience and participation in our community. This also allows them to participate in the drawing without having to attend the live event. This first signup period begins a few days prior to the main event and ends the midnight before the live drawing event. Drawings for the early signup begin at the live event.

The second segment occurs during the live event. Everyone attending is allowed to purchase their signup huds. (again $3500L is needed to purchase, the money is refunded immediately) No group membership is required and anyone able to afford a dragon is eligible to sign up. After a short period passes and everyone has had a chance to register through their huds the drawing will commence. The drawing itself takes some time and as winners are informed of their purchase they are allowed into the cathedral in small groups (to prevent crashes and lost eggs/money).

Winners will have 48 hours to pick up their dragon or wyvern egg. Unclaimed eggs will go back into a second drawing pool and everyone gets another shot at them.

I've tried and failed to win at a hatching. Is there anything I can do?

Keep trying!

Don't give up! Your odds increase with each drawing you attend. Your continued patience will pay off eventually. To increase your odds, join our community and participate in the early signup drawing as well as the live one. Joining both events gives you two chances!

Also, during the events we sometimes try to display the quantity of how many signed up for each species of dragon or wyvern. Check in on this and try to make your choice based on this. You can increase your odds by going for a less popular species. ("Less popular? Wait, that's MY dragon you're talking about!") Everyone has their own preference. ^.^ Usually the newer breeds are the most popular.

[ Summary ]

  • Adult size Dragons and Wyverns are "Limited Editions" and are only available at certain times.
  • Adult dragons become available for re-release four times a year at each Solstice and Equinox.
  • When a new dragon or wyvern species becomes available 40 are released during a hatching event.
  • Adult wyverns are re-released when new species become available, along with 15 eggs of each previous species.
  • Each Equinox and Solstice 15 of each species of dragon are released. 10 in the early signup segment, 5 more for the second segment.
  • Hatching events are carried out in two phases or segments. An initial early signup (offline) segment and a second Live event segment on the day of the drawing.
  • Drawings are based on random selection; however, your odds increase with each attempt. If you have attended a hatching and didn’t receive an egg, when you signup during the next hatching event your name is entered twice for each signup period.
  • Only those in the Council of Wyrmlings, the Council of Wyrm Hatchlings or Isle Citizens may participate in the FIRST early signup drawing. Anyone else may attend the live event drawing to try for an egg.
  • After your first Dragon or Wyvern you will receive your Council of Wyrms membership and all of the other dragon and wyvern eggs become available to you.
  • After your invitation to the Council of Wyrms you can use your group title to receive a $1000L discount on all future adult dragon/wyvern and wyrmling/wyverling eggs.

-- Great Hedgewyrm Daryth Kennedy