Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings

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In the secret places within the Isle of Wyrms lurks a shadowy organisation. Bent on world domination by bedtime, this group meets in secret to plan various evil genius activities whilst munching on cookies. No cookie or sheep is safe.... this is the Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings!

The Secret Plan...



The Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings group was formed by Daza Tokhes and Helena Lycia. The aim of the Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings is to achieve World domination without getting caught by our mums.

Over the years since it was formed, the Secret Council has been implicated in several activities, inluding the Great Pie robbery of December 2007 and the depopulation of several nearby farms.


The activities of the Secret Council include the following...

  • Partying - hatchlings love parties and dancing and the secret hatchlings are dancers that would drive even Fred Astair with envy.
  • Cookie Raids - hatchlings love cookies, and the secret hatchies aim to control the cookie supply. Since they are not particularly good bakers, they perform raids of cookies from dragons caves and other places demonstrating there stealth ability.
  • Sheep Rustling - the secret hatchlings are expert sheep rustleers, what part in there plan for world domination sheep play is unknown, although it has been noted that the odd sheep is sometimes spotted around the isles spying on the inhabitants (and it wuz the sheep that broke the window in Cathedral, not us).
  • Espionage - The secret hatchies are experts at espionge, whether to locate hidden stashes of cookies or techniques to stealthily sneak pass the adults. It is said that the secret hatchies have all manner of nefarious disguises. One of there main activities is to infiltrate and learn the secret plans of the rival Hatchie Fu group.

Group Titles

Secret Hatching

Given to all members of the group on admission.

Evil Hatchling Genius

Given to active members on request

Random Title

A random title that is given to all members on request and may change occasionally.

Top Secret Hatching

Group administrators, Tops Secret Hatchings can invite new members.

Innocent Hatchling

Those who are completely innocent of all activities and seemingly perfect little hatchies. But beware, under the halo lurks a hatchling that has only one aim, world domination.

How to Join

To join the Secret Council of Wyrm Hatchlings you must perform the following tasks:

  • Own a Wyrm Hatchling avatar
  • Find the Secret Hideout
  • Find a "Top Secret Hatching" and ask to join, showing proof that you did find the hideout
  • Promise never to devulge the location of the hideout to any non-secret council member, and especially not a Hatchie-Fu member.

Too late for that one!

"Oh hai! I'm in yr caves, rustlin' yr snailz" Lol Fu


  • HQ, A Secret Cave, Somewhere Secret - with Sheep, Snails, Chocolate and the Secrit Plan