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Bubastus - A Temple to Bast in Lyre.

This Temple is Open to the Public and All Are Welcome, provided you follow the basic tenets of all in the Isle of Wyrms (IoW).

This Temple structure was designed and built by the extraordinary talent of Naadirah Shimada. Visit her Sim and shop at the Temple Of The Gods

You do NOT have to be a CAT to be here, but you can, if you want to be.


The temple is maintained by The Children of Bast. This is an unofficial group and has no ties with the IoW or and any other group sanctioned by the IoW Councils.


On February 23, 2008 the Festival of Bast was held and included a live performance by musician Cypress Rosewood and the Jellicle Ball with DJ Tamasin Demina.

On July 22, 2008 the second concert by Cypress Rosewood will take place at 2PM SLT to conclude the IoW Summer Festival activities.