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The Citizens group is a dragon community group that enables the social and citizen-focused aspects of the Dragon Isles to function in a clear and structured way.


Integrating into the Community

The Isles is a fun place to share with other like-minded souls. Many new people visit the Isles every day, and while some of them move on never to be seen again, others come back time and time again, lost in the magic of the place and its denizens. For those who visit the Isles often, citizenship is a chance to show their allegiance to the place, to receive updates and notices of events and to become a deeper part of this amazing place.

Becoming an IoW Guest

In general this is an active community, so being around the Isles often talking to people, participating in events and getting to know others on the Isles is a good way of demonstrating your community spirit. Indeed it is only such active, interested people who will make it into this group at all.

The IoW Volunteers, IoW Guides, IoW Mentors and Dragon Guardians are here to help and assist. If you feel that you want to become an active, recognised part of the community, you should talk to a Guide, Mentor or Dragon Guardian. If you seem interested and committed you stand a fair chance of being invited to join the group as a Guest of the Isles.

Becoming an IoW Citizen

After becoming a Guest of the Isles, the next step you might take is to become an IoW Citizen: a fully integrated member of the dragon social scene. This group role is not assigned automatically though; it is only given to people who show that they understand the spirit of the Isles. In order to show this, there are a few requirements. Firstly you must be a Guest for at least two weeks and you must be active in the community to be considered for the role. During this time your behaviour and your interaction with the other Guests and Citizens, as well as with the Community Leaders and the people about the Isles at large will be noticed.

The way you conduct yourself will determine whether you will advance from being a Guest to a Citizen. Contact any IoW Mentors, IoW Ambassadors or IoW Guardians to request IoW Citizen status.

Becoming an IoW Resident

Residents are dragons that rent land in the largely residential sims of Lethe or Lyre. To have the best chance of becoming a Resident, you should ideally a Citizen of the Isles already with a clean disciplinary record. You must also agree to the rules for renting, and there must be a plot or residence available. For more details, see Dragon Cave Rental.

Becoming a Community Leader

Citizens held in high regard amongst the dragons of the Isles may become Community Leaders: the Guides and Mentors mentioned previously, and the IoW Mayor. There is no guaranteed way to rise into this honoured position, as people are chosen for these roles based on the needs of the Isles and the High Council of Wyrms. If you are a Citizen in good standing that contributes to the energy and atmosphere of the Isles, when the time comes to recruit new Community Leaders you will stand the greatest chance of being chosen.

Group Roles

Listed here are all the roles in this group, with a brief explanation of what they are for. See above for detailed information.

IoW Guest

The default group role, given to people upon initial invite to the group.

IoW Citizen

Given to people who are active in the community and in tune with the spirit of the Isles. See above for a more detailed explanation.

IoW Resident

Given specifically to people who are renting land or a residence in the largely residential sims of Lethe or Lyre. See Dragon Cave Rental for more details.

IoW Volunteer

A role given in recognition of a Citizen that is helpful and courteous toward visitors to the Isles. This includes activities such as helping to answer their questions about the dragon avatars, the Cathedral, the community or the Dragon Isles as a whole, or helping them get to grips with their first dragon avatar. This role is generally bestowed at the discretion of the IoW Staff Director (Zephyr Pennell).

IoW Guide

See " Becoming a Community Leader" above for details.

IoW Mentor

See " Becoming a Community Leader" above for details.

IoW Mayor

A Senior Community Leader position.

IoW Ambassador

A dragon who represents the Isles in dealings with other communities in the world of Second Life at large. (this role is actually in the Isle of Wyrms High Council group)

IoW Volunteer Staff

An administrative role for Isles owners and senior staff members.

IoW Founder

An administrative role for the founders of the Citizens community group.

Friends of the Dragons

For Second Life residents with only a small interest in the Dragon Isles or residents who have friends about the Isles but are not themselves part of the community, there exists the Dragon Friends group. For help with or an invite to this group, contact Talarus Luan or Apollo Aridian in-world.