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When used in the context of Daryth Kennedy's dragons, the term Dragon Isles or simply Isles generally refers to the principal places of the dragons, either in context where they are called the Isle of Wyrms and the Valley of Wyrms or in a Second Life sense, where they are referred to by their sim names, Limbo and Lethe. Each sim that makes up the collective Isles has many unique and interesting places to visit:

Map of the Isles


The Cathedral (Cathedral)

Featuring a towering structure frequented by those who which to become a dragon, this is the place to go for your dragon avatar purchasing needs:

The Cathedral itself hangs on mighty chains from the caldera walls of an ancient, but undeniably active volcano. Under the Cathedral can be found several layers of catacombs including a fiendish maze, within which the occasional prize can be found. There are several entrances into the Catacombs which can be found via exploration.

In a sky dome high above the cathedral is the Drum Circle, at which regular parties are held.

Isle of Wyrms (Limbo)

A breathtaking, immersive environment full of old stone and semi-forgotten architecture bordered with snaking pathways, turbulent waterfalls and ancient trees the Isle showcases Daryth's imagination and talent. It is truly a place where dragons can roam and feel at home. Some of the major points of interest here are:

One of the most fun things to do on the Isle of Wyrms is to simply explore and discover the many semi-hidden areas and enjoy the ambiance of large dragons flying overhead and little ones scurrying on the ground below. See the Guide to Limbo for a walking tour around the sim.

Song of Wyrms (Lyre)

Also a residential sim. Here can be found the ships of pirate hatchlings, majestic castles and palaces.


Hedgetopia is Daryth's development sim.

Also home to the Lone Star Snails Ranch where you can purchase Riding Snails (all proceeds to St. Tiggywinkles).

Hatchie Haven (Hatchie Haven)

Hatchie Haven was created for Daryth's Wyrm Hatchling and Hedgehog avatars and their tiny friends to play, shop and live.

The sim features both mountainous peaks and deep valleys, lakes and forests. Paths snake between the hillsides leading to pirates coves and peaceful parks. Amongst the hills lie Ancient temples with many hidden wonders awaiting discovery by the brave and tiny Bikers rule the road.

Beware, Tinies rule here!!!

Hatchie Haven is partially residential with many different type of pre-built tiny houses available, check the Hatchie Haven Rentals page for details.

Eternal Dragon (Tir na Nog)

A maze of rings surrounds a quiet residence.


Winter themed sim owned by Helena Lycia. Provides rental possibilities.

Valley of Wyrms (Lethe)

Location of Atea Avatars. Owned by Atea Aeon.


Coming soon

Map of the Dragon Isles

SuilvenSimMap.png HedgetopiaSimMap.png ArchaeaSimMap.png
Tir na NogSimMap.png CathedralSimMap.png LetheSimMap.png
HatchieHavenSimMap.png LimboSimMap.png LyreSimMap.png