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So in your travels around The Grid of Second Life, you've discovered the amazing Dragon avatars created by Daryth Kennedy on the Isle of Wyrms (Slurl) and now you'd like to become part of that community by purchasing your own dragon.

If you've read any of the notecards around the Cathedral, or heard about the dragons from friends, you might believe that the dragons aren't always available, or that there's some special event you need to attend in order to get hold of one.

The Great Hall in the Cathedral

The easiest way to answer these interrelated questions is to describe the Dragon population in general, and it will all become clear:


The Dragon Population

The Dragons come in three different sizes, representing various stages of dragon development: Hatchlings, Wyrmlings and full-grown Dragons. Of these types, the hatchlings and wyrmlings are always on sale in the Cathedral on the Isle of Wyrms. The full-grown dragon type is only sold to the general public at special release events held on each solstice and equinox.


Hatchies are cute little baby dragons, approximately half the height of an average human avatar. They are a favourite first dragon avatar for many, due to their manageable size and low cost, L$650 at the time of writing. Purchasing a hatchling grants membership in the Council of Wyrm Hatchlings, as well as an egg from which to hatch your new dragon avatar.


A mid-sized quadruped dragon, the Wyrmling avatar is often the next stage in dragon development for many as they wait for the next release event. It is much larger than a regular human avatar and naturally walks on four legs, which can present some challenges for general Second Life navigation. Purchasing a Wyrmling, for L$2200 at the time of writing grants membership in the Council of Wyrmlings, as well as an egg from which to hatch your new dragon avatar.

Wyrms (Full-Grown Dragons)

Often referred to as simply "Dragon" the Wyrm is the full-grown adult dragon, a mighty quadruped avatar, similar to the Wyrmling but on a much larger scale and even more ornately detailed. These are the most sought after of the three avatars and cost L$3500 at the time of writing. It is these avatars that are only available to the general public during the special release events held on every solstice and equinox.

The Mechanics of Purchasing

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Main Egg Dialog

Now that the different types of dragons have been explained, it should be clear that as a member of the general Second Life population, we can purchase a Hatchling or Wyrmling at any time and can only purchase our first Dragon during one of the special release events. The actual purchasing process is fairly straightforward:

  1. Teleport to the Isle of Wyrms Cathedral (Slurl) in the sim of Cathedral
  2. Walk up the pathway in to the Cathedral and head to the Northern end
  3. You will see a row of eggs similar to the screenshot "The Great Hall" above. Each egg has some text floating above it describing which of the dragons it vends
  4. Decide which dragon you want, click on the relevant egg and a blue popup dialog will appear similar to the one shown in the "Main Egg Dialog" screenshot to the right
  • Clicking any one of the three buttons Dragon, Wyrmling or Hatchling on the dialog will cause the egg to rez a special interactive "hologram" style preview of the dragon in the large space behind the eggs. Please bear in mind that this feature displays the dragon for everyone in the hall, so please be courteous of others who may already have a dragon hologram on display.
Avatar Prices as Per the Prices button
  • Clicking on the Eggs button will display how many Dragon (Wyrm) eggs are available in the egg vendor. This number is usually zero most of the time.
  • Clicking on the Info button will cause the egg to give you a notecard with some basic information about the dragon.
  • Clicking on the Prices button will give you the most up-to-date pricing information for the three sizes of dragon that can be purchased. Remember the full-size Dragon is usually unavailable for general purchase. See the Avatar Prices screenshot to the right for an example of this dialog.

In this manner you can click on each of the different eggs and see visual representations of each of the dragons, as well as gather more information to guide your final purchasing decision.

To initiate a transaction and actually purchase one of the avatars, right-click on the egg of your choice and choose the Pay option from the pie menu, choosing the appropriate amount to pay: L$650 for a hatchling or L$2200 for a wyrmling at the time of writing. You should then receive some inventory items from the egg vendor; remember to Keep them!

Common Questions in Brief

For a more comprehensive list of frequently asked questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions Forum.

Why is the Wyrm (Dragon) Limited Edition?

The reason for this is explained by Daryth: "A Dragon is a mysterious mythical creature, and should be respected as such. So I limited the number of dragons sold." More information is available on the Limited Edition FAQ page.

Do the Wyrm (Dragon) Avatars Confer Special Privileges?

Once you have successfully purchased your first full Dragon and have your Council of Wyrms membership, there are several benefits to this, the major ones being:

  • Purchasing the Dragon (Wyrm) avatar type is no longer limited to the solstices and equinoxes
  • The Dragon (Wyrm) and Wyrmling avatars are discounted by L$1000. To activate this discount, you should have your Council of Wyrms group set to your active group and then when you pay the egg, type the discounted price into the "Pay" dialog. So the Dragon would cost L$2500 while the Wyrmling would cost L$1200.


This article is for dragon educational purposes only and should be treated as such. Prices were accurate when the article was originally written, but may change. Prices can and should be checked in world. No claims are made as to the accuracy or completeness of the information contained in this article.