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As well as making full dragon avatars, Daryth Kennedy also makes cute little pet dragons that sit on your shoulder and coil about your body. They are called familiars after the definition "An attendant spirit, often taking animal form."

A Dragon Familiar (Shadow Dragon)

An example of one of the avatars is shown to the right. The particular familiar in the screenshot is the Shadow Dragon familiar.


Types of Familiar

There are several types to perch on your shoulder mirroring many of the full dragon avatar types:

Purchasing a Familiar

Dragon Familiar Vendor, Great Hall

If these teeny little dragon pets have warmed your heart it will be helpful to know how to purchase one:

Locating the Vendor

The vendor for the Dragon Familiars is located on the left hand side of the passageway leading into the Great Hall in the Cathedral on the Isle of Wyrms, Cathedral (sim). Examples of the vendor stall can be seen to the right and below.

Using the Vendor

The little dragon familiar eggs work in a similar way to the bigger dragon avatar eggs, but are less complicated:

  1. Clicking on an egg will rez a "holographic" style preview of that familiar
  2. Right-clicking and choosing Buy from the pie menu will cause the egg to vend you a folder with the familiar and HUD control as well as an instructional notecard. The familiars cost L$600 at the time of writing.

Wearing Your Familiar

Dragon Familiar Vendor Stall

After purchasing a dragon familiar, there are a few simple steps to undertake before you can wear your new pet. This information is taken from the Familiar Instructions notecard that came with the Shadow Dragon Familiar and although the steps should be the same for all familiars, it is always a good idea to read the in world notecards as they will be the most up-to-date.

Aside from the instructions notecard and an irrelevant script, there will be two objects in the vended folder: The familiar of your choice and the HUD to control it. To bind the familiar and the HUD to your avatar, do the following:

  1. Drag the HUD from your inventory and drop it on ground
  2. Wait a moment for it to rez and then right-click on it and choose Take from the pie menu to take it back into inventory
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the Familiar itself
  4. You will notice when you take the items back into inventory that they will be new copies of the items and the HUD will have renamed itself to include your avatar name. Wear the two new inventory items.

If everything worked correctly the Familiar should now be configured to respond to your commands.

Controlling Your Familiar

Your Familiar can be controlled via the HUD or via chat commands:


The HUD controls are accessed by clicking on the small egg that should appear in the bottom left corner of your Second Life display once you wear the HUD attachment. Various options can be controlled from the HUD, such as the colours and textures of your Familiar, along with the ability to play dragon sounds such as roaring and growling.

Chat Commands

You can cause your Familiar to speak with the use of a special chat command. Type the following:

  • /9 your message

There are other chat commands listed in the instructions notecard which allow you to mimic the HUD buttons:

Color-changing commands, which work the same as other dragons, for example:

  • /8 scales red
  • /8 spines sapphire
  • /8 eyes green

The Familiar's dragon breath can be activated with:

  • /8 breath
  • /8 breath off

It is arguably easier to use the HUD for these features, but it is nice to know about both methods of controlling your Familiar.


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