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12 February 2005
Daryth Kennedy makes the first Wyrm. A static statue. Examples: Hypatia and Svarga.
3 March 2005
The first Dragon eggs appear at Studio Gothika - Royal Dragon.
31 March 2005
Council of Wyrms formed - Studio Gothika.
April 2005
Aquatic Dragon.
Summer 2005
Fire and Ice Dragons.
Fall 2005
Hydra Dragon.
21 November 2005
First Cathedral is built in Tahari Desert.
December 2005
Shadow Dragon.
4 February 2006
Second Cathedral built in Epsilon - Storm and Astral Dragons.
22 February 2006
Limbo delivered - Forum goes online.
15 April 2006
Spirit Dragon.
1 May 2006
Fae Dragon.
May 2006
Third Cathedral built in Limbo.
28 May 2006
Lethe delivered.
28 October 2006
Dracolich Dragon.
4 March 2007
Wyverns (adult) released.
8 March 2007
Fourth Cathedral opens in it's own sim of "Cathedral". Lethe, Limbo, and Cathedral moved to a location west of the Elven lands.
1-3 June 2007
Isle of Wyrms Summer Festival 2007
27 October 2007
Hatchie Haven opens.
10 November 2007
Eragon, Eldamar and Imaldris join the Isle of Wyrms, attached to Tir Niva.
7-9 December 2007
Isle of Wyrms Winter Festival 2007
1-2nd March 2008
First Hedgehog Festival held
25th March 2008
Tuckborough arrives west of Eragon, followed on the 26th March by Beleriand and Rhoviannion.
3rd May 2008
Tir na Seilide, the Land of Snails and Tir Zephyrus the land of the west wind arrive north of Cathedral. Shortly followed on 6th and 7th by Tir na Cre and Tir Realta Speir, which is to be the "gateway" to the residential rental sims.
9th May 2008
The first rental sim, Equus joins the continent north of Tir Realta Speir. This is to be home to Lone Star Ranch.
15th May 2008
The second rental sim, Abalus joins the continent west of Equus.